Zip lining is a growing trend in Canada, and if you’ve never done it, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. You’ve probably seen the billboard ads with pictures of people strapped into harnesses, grinning from ear to ear as they soar along nearest zip wire experience .

Could sailing through the treetops and across vast gullies be that much fun? If you ask someone who has done it, you will almost certainly get a resounding ‘YES!’ Better yet, try it for yourself—words can’t quite describe the feeling of total freedom that zip-lining provides.

Here are a few more reasons why you should include this zip wire experience activity on your list of things to do in British Columbia.

1. Break Free From Your Shell

If you’re more reserved by nature, this is an excellent opportunity to stretch yourself and broaden your horizons. It’s the epitome of thrilling but completely risk-free activity. There are several safeguards in place to ensure your safety while on the course:

– Professional guide to cheer you on
– Full body harness and helmet
– Engineered zipline cables and platforms

2. An Opportunity to Bond

Nothing brings people together quite like a shared adrenaline rush. It happens all the time when people come into contact with danger or are forced to work together to overcome a challenge.

Of course, zip lining is one of the safest outdoor activities available, but there’s nothing like the rush of cruising at speeds of up to 100 km/h on ziplines up to 300 feet above the ground. It is ideal for the following demographics:

– Coworkers
– Sports teams
– Wedding receptions
– Reunions
– Conversation starter with in-laws

3. Requires Only Basic Fitness

People often like the idea of getting outside, but they don’t like the sweat, blisters, and achy muscles that come with it. The great thing about zip lining in British Columbia is that many courses are designed to make it accessible to everyone.

For example, Kokanee Mountain Zipline near Nelson has six ziplines, the longest of which is 2,400 feet long, and there is only one section between two of the lines where guests must walk along a short trail. Aside from that, it’s all aerial all the time.

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