Follow These Preventive Measures To Keep Your Commercial Fryer In Good Working Order

If your commercial equipment fails to function properly or is of poor quality, your rush hour can quickly devolve into chaos So don’t cut corners when it comes to putting your money into this. A commercial gas deep fryer is well-known for being an essential component of busy kitchens and other hospitality categories. A faulty appliance will not only cost you money, but it will also tarnish your reputation.

Make the following a habit to keep busy cookhouses running smoothly:

1. Do not overlook the equipment’s operating manual.

In terms of time and attention, the restaurant industry is extremely demanding. You may also find it difficult to read the manual. Make going through the manual a habit so that you can fix problems when they arise. If you don’t know what’s wrong, you may waste a lot of time calling technicians, causing order delays. But if you read it carefully, you might be able to fix it on your own. This method will save you money, time, and trouble. Power comes from knowledge. So go get it.

2. Cleaning the appliance daily

When working with this type of equipment, keep in mind that the medium, oil, is messy and sticky. It is easily transported to small cracks and corners, where food contaminants can breed. A daily cleaning routine will give you the advantage of keeping it clean. It also makes it easier to identify any emerging maintenance issues. Other parts of the appliance, such as the burners and vents, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the equipment performs optimally.

3. Snooze the oil once a week.

Again, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to boil off the oil tank of the equipment once a week. This will aid in the removal of carbon residues and reinforced fat. If you ignore this, the internal area of the fryer will begin to corrode, causing havoc.

4. Maintain the oil’s cleanliness.

Food deposits and leftovers are a common occurrence when cooking equipment is used continuously. Make sure to sieve them with a fryer net regularly. This will keep the food’s flavor consistent and prevent polymerization.

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